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vol.10 Matsushiro Contemporary Art Fesival

An exhibition meeting place: Matushiro School(205-1 Matushiro Nagano)
/ Matushiro School(Nagano City Web) / Map in surrounding
Open hour from 9:00~17:00(last entrance 16:30)
Entrance fee:¥200

The World Cup co-hosted by the Republic of Korea and Japan in 2002 triggered this plan. The plan will also be held this year to build Japan’s new future with Asia focusing on its neighbor, Korea.This year will celebrate 10 years.
In this city that brought Matsushiro Headquarters (Daihonei), we look back from a global perspective on how Japan has ever moved toward building a large peace ring with, not only neighboring countries in Asia, but also nations all over the world. Let’s find a clean, real, and beautiful Japan where we can talk together candidly about our future.

Installation Artists
Yoshio Shirakawa / Kazunori Kitazawa / Shigeru Nishina / Kouji Ochiai / Youichi Kayama / Itaru Machida / Hitoshi Kimura

Performance Artists
Hong, O-Bong(Korea) / Gang,Seong-Suk(Korea) / Jeon,Seo-Bin(Korea)
/ Jittima Pholsawek(Thailand) / Paisan Plienbangchang(Thailand) / OMAYUMI(Japan) / Teruyuki Tanaka(Japan) / Kaori Haba(Japan)

Visual Installation Artists
Karin Pisarikova / Abnormal system

Contemporary Buto
Richard Hart+Rieko Miyagawa

Contemporary Dance
Makiko Izu / Chikako Kitajima+GOKU

Folk guitar
Hisashi Miura

Sound Artists
Takashi Ono x Bonto Yamamoto

Sign Language Dance

Incidental Event
◆"HA-NE project" workshop
3,July.(Sunday) 13:00 ~The exhibition hall
The works for make the wishes with HA-NE (a feather of a folded-paper crane)
After make wishes it will take a photo. in the Zouzan Headquarters (Daihonei)
Participation charges are free of charge
It will take place in exhibition

◆Gallery talking

◆Exhibition Tour:Artist Guide Tour

◆Sign Language Dance : 12:30~ Bunbu School/ MIWA
◆Art performance
13:00~16:00 in School

◆Tea ceremony / 11:00~14:00
Participation charges are free of charge except cake charges ¥300

◆Folk guitar : 13:00~ Bunbu School / Hisashi Miura
◆Sound Art : 14:00~ Bunbu School / Takashi Ono x Bonto Yamamoto

7/18(mon)Ocean Day / Holiday
◆Contemporary BUTO 13:00~ Richard Hart+Rieko Miyagawa
◆Contemporary Dance 14:00~ Makiko Izu / Chikako Kitajima

■Session3,July.2010~18,July.2011(Ocean Day / Holiday)
■placeMatushiro School(205-1 Matushiro Nagano) and Zozan underground side entrance
■Sponsoringvol.10 MCAF planning committee
■officeDepartment of Education at Shinshu University Kimura Laboratory
■Co-sponsoringArt_Plus-jp ISHIKAWA Regional cultural Policy Planning OfficeNanographica
■BackupNagano City matsushiro-club Shinano Mainichi Newspapers Nagano City Newspape weekly Nagano Newspapers 
FM Zenkouji Radio
Nagano Prefecture the board of education Nagano City the board of education
■CooperationMatsushiro-Daihonei Incorporated nonprofit organization peace prayer pavilion Industry Ltd. Chubu Kesetsu Kogyo DUX International, Inc.
■PromotionJapan Arts Fund. Nagano City Arts Fund.
■inquiryMCAF planning committee Office
Phone : 026-238-4144 / Url :

Five minutes from Nagano Expressway/Nagano inter
Kawanakajima bus (Alpicobas)
in front of the Zenkoji Temple entrance of JR Nagano Station from the third bus terminal It is about 3 0 minutes in "For old battlefield and Matsudai" bus from 7 minutes on foot "Matsudai Station front" getting off for about 30 minutes
JR Nagano Station and the taxi platform.

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