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artist:Kenji YANAGI
materials:glass, frosted glass plate, inkjetprint

A bombed tricycle that I saw at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, a dozen or more years ago.
The child that had ridden that tricycle had war in his life from the time of his birth, as if it were a natural thing, and probably played without understanding the meaning of war.
Then, in an instant, this child disappeared, leaving only the tricycle behind.
This bicycle is a strong presence in the museum as something that stares at the gulf between life and death, and causes us to think.

Yanagi Kenji

1961 Born in Fukuoka,Japan
1988 Completed postgraduate course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1995 Completed postgraduate course at Chelsea College of Art and Design
1995~96 Lived in London on a year-long scholarship from the Agency for Cultural Affairs
2004~ Produced KODAMA ART HOUSE in Kodamacho of North Saitama.

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