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artist:Shigeru Nishina
size:Arbitrary space

I am the genesis.
The genesis is that which asks for meaning, not the meaning itself.That I, who am the genesis, have depth is a contradiction. If that is true, “depth” does not refer to the opacity of existence, but rather to the authenticity regarding factors that determine the dynamic present of direction and stance. (from my diary)
In some ways, Zouzan Mountain is a single large rock. The strength of its bedrock, which we should call the strength of unity, was ironically the deciding factor in the foolishness here during the war. Individual stones that seem to have become separated from this rocky mountain cannot return to the original oneness.
“Finding stones from this mountain, I am lining them up here. I feel awkward calling this an artwork. It is an action that is of no use at all.”

The other day, Mr. Masao Okabe said to me, “Hiroshi Matsuzawa’s piece needs preparedness by the viewer.”
Why does Mr. Matsuzawa’s piece need that sort of preparedness?
When we perceive the past or what was expressed, or if we accept responsibility for the meaning of perception of them, then yes, we must be make mental preparations.

As long as I continue to produce, for me this is an uneasy place.

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