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NII Yumiko

Born in Hiroshima . She is interested in paintings and songs since she was small . She studies sculpture at the college. Her works have a lot of eyes and noses in colorful styrene foam linked together. Since 1987, she started to her career as a vocalist . She was fascinated with improvisation . Her music filled with a glossy voice and a marvellous sense of time. Since 1993, she started to work with her own body, such as modern dance, butoh, shintaido(moving meditation) and yoga . In 1998 founded 'Hana-arashi' -Pop Butoh dance group by three women-in Kyoto. Since 2006, she participated by a solo dance in Performance Art Festival in Korea, Australia and Finland. She aims to receive the space as it is, carve this moment that is appeared with radiance of being born, power of gaze and power of feel . She weights the heaviness and lightness of pieces fallen off from the world, and stamps the moment with the images those pieces create in feverish dance.

*Participated performance of Sabar dance(Dakar SENEGAL)
*"UZI"   video : KOIKE Meeko   sound effect : dance : NII Yumiko (Kyoto)
*"Melody ♡Cup " directed by Takamine tadasu @AI HALL (Hyogo JAPAN)
* "Planetica vol.01,02,03,04 @UrBANGUILD (Kyoto JAPAN)
* art event "MAP"
* "Une petite note de poche" choreography : Michel Kouakou, music : ryotaro (Kyoto,Tokyo)
* "Nobody in the garden" @rissei elementary school (Kyoto)
** Hanaarashi's tour in France....... *"KAMIDARAKE" "Dolly's dance"@la rose de vents
(Lille FRANCE)
*"Nobody in the garden"@micadanses (Paris FRANCE)
*Cultural Exchenge Work shop&Performance with the visual handicapped and acajou (NPO)
*CANALIAN PARTY imprompte performance
"pillow" with prints/ OHOTA Hiro (Metal perc) / HASHIMOTO Yosuke (G)/ UEMURA Keisuke (G)@ZAIM(Yokohama)
"whirlpool white" ice-cream: OZAKI Yuta @Bar超能力-ESP (Kyoto)
*"eye eyed eyeing"(HCMC VIET NAM)
*Nowall art&friend ship
" Ultra Poison" Hanaarashi @ Silapakorn University
" In the water babys" terrestrial globes: KOIKE Meeiko @ Santi Chai Prakon Park (Bangkok THAILAND)
*LA-BAS:Dynamical Festival
"In the water babys" (Helsinki FINLAND)
*Woodford Folk Festival 07-08(Queensland AUSTRALIA)
*Bucheon-Kimcheon-Samcheonpo Internatoinal Performance Art Festival (KOREA)
*"Hemoglobin"-blood serious-(Kyoto)
* "Radical Prayer"Liz Lerman Dance Exchange ( Kyoto JAPAN , New Ark U.S.A,)
**Hanaarashi's works "Dollys dance" (Kyoto , Tokyo)
“Man is not so free as to be able to live without eating”(Kyoto, Nagoya)
*Korea International Performance Art Festival in Gimcheon
*Australia-Japan dance Exchange(Osaka,Matsuyama, Sydney)
*Bucheon-Samcheonpo-Koyeong Internatoinal Performance Art Festival (KOREA)
*"AOZUKIN"-Extra serious Inherit &Tell-(Kyoto Art Center )
*City Dance Project( Tehanno-Seoul KOREA)
Taichung International Art Festival (TAIWAN)
*ABLE ART ONSTAGE ( Osaka , Tokyo)
*Akira Kasai Dance Workshop & Performance (Hyogo JAPAN)
*Korea International Performance Art Festival in Gimcheon
*Women`s Performance Art Osaka

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