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A Mutually Supporting Shape

Title: A Mutually Supporting Shape
Material: Archery Range, Zelkova, Cedar, etc.
Size: Inside the Archery Range

The Bunbu Gakkou of which is sung in the children’s choir song of Matsushiro Elementary School, which I attended. It gives me great joy to be able to see the giant beams, unnoticed logs in my childhood, left just as they were, and to appreciate the skill of carpenters 150 years ago with their technique of building small outbuildings in a complicated assembly. What space is created by this group of small outbuilding and myself who lives in the present?


Born in Nagano in 1977.
After graduating from Aichi Gakuin University Faculty of Letters, he found work as a motorcycle mechanic.
He quit in serach of happiness, and studied oil painting at Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Communication Department of DESIGN.
He was influenced by the thoughts and works of Lee Ufan, a leader of the Monoha one of the trend of the Japanese contemporary art.
In 2009 Machida received a Master's Degree from the Tohoku University of Art and Design's Graduate School, in sculpture.

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