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title:HA-NE PROJECT2010H-0058
artist:Hitoshi KIMURA
materials:unglazed ceramics

The shape of a prayer that takes root in the heart of Japan.
The form of a bowl is a film that separates hare (the “unusual”) from ke (the “usual”), the world of reality from the world of dreams. People live in the past and future, and in the now, while coming and going in each other's worlds.
A feather is the form of a feather of a folded-paper crane. I symbolize the wishes for peace that grew from a little girl who suffered the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.
This is one piece in the “HA-NE Project” series that I began in 1999.

title:HA-NE Project 2010H-0058
artist:Hitoshi KIMURA
materials:print on cloth・aluminum

A photograph of the Matsushiro Imperial Headquarters Mt. Zouzan tunnel complex, which appeared in the tokonoma in the literary studies hall at the Matsushiro feudal clan’s School of Literary and Martial Arts. In the center is the feather of an wood origami crane – which became the original form of the “HA-NE Project” – looking as though forgotten, unnoticed by anyone. There isn’t a sign of any other person, and the chilly air from inside the Mt. Zouzan tunnels presses on the viewer. This is a work of collaboration with the tunnels and the shape of a prayer that I have continued to express since the 3rd Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival. For this year, I borrowed the shape of a hanging scroll, which is a traditional Japanese form, to express this work.

1948  Born in Fukuoka
1971 B.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
1973 M.F.A Tokyo National University of Fine Arts 
1986~1987 Ministry of Education Researcher(U.S.A.)
1975 Started solo exhibition at Ginza Gin Gallery in Tokyo and hold many exhibition inside and outside the country.
1999 Started 「HA-NE Project」 "the feather project" that made a feather of a folded-paper crane.
2002  Started M.C.A.F. Taking advantage of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Started Korea and Japanese performance with the Matsushiro Imperial Headquarters,
2004 Started M.C.A.F. in Matsushiro Bunbu Gakkou (School for the Literary and Military Arts). With Contemporary art workshop.
2005-now Cooperative Participation of many Contemporary artists.
Professor of Shinshu University.

We would like to foster the budding social conscience in contemporary art, with open hearts.

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