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"jump" series

title : "jump" series
artist : Shinya KIGURE
materials : ink-jet print, Framed Picture
430mmx1.030mm 5 points

These photographs are portraits taken with the cooperation of people of Korean descent living in and around Gunma, where I also live, at “Gunmanomori”, the “Iwamoto Power Plant Dam”, “Ooshi Station Ruins”, and “Watarase Keikoku Railway”.

Because the photos were taken at the moment of people jumping in the air at each of these locations so all of the people are floating in the air, and because the backgrounds are slightly out of focus, they have a somewhat incomplete visual distance.

The locations visited for the photographs in this project are those where, during the Second World War, many Koreans were forced to work; where there were many casualties and victims. However, other than the memorial at Gunmanomori, there is nothing in particular that gives information about this at the sites (one couldn’t check this when visiting), and there were some sites where there were almost no visitors.

Today, 65 years after the war, fewer people know the historical background to these places, so I have created this series thinking that we must make visual the relationship and distance between the residual memories in these places and living in the present, and connect this with the future as an understanding of the current situation.

Kigure Shinya

Born in 1970 in Gunma Prefecture. 
1994 - 2001 Place/Gunma Exhibits.
1996 Morris Gallery. 
1997 Received the Gunma Prefecture Arts Council funding, and studies at an art school in Nimes. 
2002 Japanese Intimacy. 
2002 Spent time in Bangkok through the Alliance Francaise Bangkok's Residence Program. Principally individual exhibitions. 
2004 Kawasaki IBM Gallery 
2007 Taut and Light Exhibit, and many others
2010 CYO-SKE Mainly a group exhibit 

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