Karin Pisarikova
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HOME 2010

title:Home 2010

Seeing the veins of ivy on some some old buildings, it reminded me of an living organism turned inside out. Protected but vulnerable at the same time.
Energy flowing up from the roots up the sprouts, in the same way like hair sprouting from the head and flowing down.
I thought about the relationship between house – sheltering people from the outside and hair – protecting bodies from the environment.
The theme Home/House starts from the very first home everyone inhabited before being born – the womb. Connected to the placenta, sometimes called the tree of life, baby is safe and sheltered.
Than usually during life we exchange several houses that we call our home, the last one being the earth.
Thinking about this cycle, I decided to show the structure, the veins of energy of a home – turning the outside to the inside. The material used is human hair.
I like work with hair for it's ambiguous qualities - magical growing organism, half alive half dead. The energy encapsulated within.

Karin Pisarikova (b. 1981 in Czech Republic)

2009-2010 Research student, Tama art university, Tokyo, Japan
2006-2009 PhD. Program, Faculty of Fine Arts VUT, Brno, Czech rep.

Solo exhibitions
2010 She said she liked the ocean..., Yoshiwara Jiro Art Project, Osaka contemporary Art Center
2009 Aftershave, Visions art gallery, Tokyo
2009 OXOX, Omotesando Galleria, Nagano (Artist In Residence Zenkouji)
2008 Black sea, brown pearls, Visions gallery, Tokyo
2008 The House, Umakart gallery, Brno
2005 I will eat your sausage, Krmitko FSS, Brno

Selected Group Exhibitions
2010 The Unidentified Body, Toki Art Space, Tokyo
2010 IDD meets Digitale Klasse, Le Deco gallery, Tokyo
2009 Kontejnery umeni, The House of Art, Brno & Prague
2007 Ein Kessel Buntes, A4 gallery, Prague
2006 Undress me II., Slevarna gallery, Brno
2005 Fatman, Edinburgh Theatre festival, Edinburgh
2005 Je désire, AAAD gallery, Prague
2004 Body design, Design centre, Prague
2003 Tolerance of material, Bolek's farm, Olsany

Selected Performances
2010 Heels, Osaka contemporary art center, Osaka
2009 Soba girl, Neon, Nagano
2008 Portrait through medium, Reduta theatre, Brno
2008 Fatman project, Olympia, Brno
2007 Mermaid and Sea Horse (w/A. Koutny), Multiplace festival VI., Brno
2006 Home made, music club Global, Ljubljana
2005 Poodle show (w/V.Vlkova) festival of performance, Skolska street gallery, Prague
2005 Bag (w/V.Vlkova) Fleda music club, Brno
2005 Flaming (w/V.Vlkova) Design Center of Czech Republic, Brno
2004 Beauty farm (w/K.Kohoutkova), Abaton, Prague
2002 How does Karin taste II., Olympia, Brno
2002 Bacteries, Fleda music club, Brno


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