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external heart


Title: “External Heart”
Equipment Used: AKI-PIC Programmer
Application Used: PIC Programmer V3
Material: Foam Latex, FRP, Silicon

A heart rate sensor that images a piece of meat is related to a heart object of approximately 25cm. When the viewer places his finger on the pulse device, the heart rate sensor reads the viewer’s heart rate from his fingertip. Then the heart object runs in synchronicity with the speed of the heart rate. The viewer walks while pulling along the running heart at the speed of his pulse. The heart continues to run until the finger is removed from the device.
Circuits, a motor, and wheels are combined within the heart. The heart rate numbers taken from the pulse sensor are controlled by PIC, and operate the motor.
Because it runs to match the heart’s rhythm, if one’s heart is racing, the heart runs faster. Moreover, because there are two hearts, it is possible to compare this with another’s pulse.

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