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Tomoko USHIODA text

in time in the evening Matsudai 09.

The sun inclines at the west. Long light from the diagonal gradually gives blue to dazzling white scenery in the afternoon, and they are gentler and it becomes intimate. Light remains in the horizon, and as for the color that deepens quietly and the outline of the thing, it merges gradually, and all the one assimilates into the achromatic color with surroundings. Crows are in force before it flies home to roost to one electric wire, assume the gathering lamplight, and leave in the finishing bark commotion and each direction. All movements are stopped and it sits at time in the evening. Start during a day. It parts from time and the space system of the event and it wanders freely about the world of the memory and the story. The man story of one person intersects with a lot of other stories of man. It gives oneself completely to association and it drifts from the memory to the memory in the sea of the notion.
The installation 'It is Matsudai 08/09 in time in the evening' is assembled with tools, cloths, wool, pocketbooks, and books, etc. that form adolescence and present at family and my infancy. It is a story made for the thing it and others that they were asleep for a long time in the bottom of the memory, too past that consists of the fragment of the personal image not related and now.

1947 Born in Tchigi Prefecture, Japan
1972 B.F.A. in Painting, Tokyo University of the Arts
1983 B.F.A. in Painting, Munich Academy of Art


1972 “Individual Exhibitions“ Muramatu Gallery, Tokyo
1982 “Frueh Jahres Ausstellung“ Gauting, West Germany
1988, 83 “Individual Exhibitions” Charm Municipal Gallery, West Germany
1983, 81, 80 “Grosse Kunstausstellung/Neue Gruppe”, Haus der Kunst, Munich, West Germany
1985 “Circulation '85”, Obihiro,Kitami, Hokkaidoo
1987 “Use and Art of Japanese Paper”, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum, Koufu, Yamanashi Prefecture
1992,90, 88 “Group '89”, Fukuoka Prefectural Art Museum, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture
1994 “Faret Tachikawa Art Project”, Tachikawa, Tokyo
1996 “Lying Expression:Paper”, Yamanashi Prefectural Museum, Koufu, Yamanashi Prefecture
2004 “Distance" Tochigi Prefectural Museum
2006, 03, 00 “Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial” Niigata Prefecture
2008 “Mastushiro Contemporary Art Festival”, Mastushiro, Nagano Prefecture
2008 “Sisyphus Now”, Maruki Museum, Saitama Prefecture

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