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Title: The Gate + The keeper

There is a regular gate in the literary and military arts school(BUNBU School) and is a official keeper. I create The Gate further in that. And, there might be The Keeper. The role is being given to The Keeper. The Gate and The Keeper variously connect something. A paces to a space, A time-space to a time-space, A person to a person or those all. The Gate is an entrance and an exit. The Gate that I create is an entrance to somewhere, and it becomes the exit to something. There is history in Matsudai. The age of the civil wars, The times of Edo and Meiji , and the memory of the Pacific War, Then There is Today. Where is the future continued to?
The gate looks like an independent one monument of it though is a part of the building or the space. It might be a monument with the function and the role. I create The Gate with various materials. Materials from Matsudai, scraps, modern ones, There might be the ones carried from Tokyo. And The Gate appears there.

1982 Born in Munich ,Germany
2001 Graduated KELLEY COLLEGE,U.K.
2007 B.F.A  Musashino Art University
2009 M.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts

2005 14th「nuantiqa」 “FSDrR The forced difference rest room -”Tokyo
2006 「ART FIGHT in ASO 06'」“Water Place”Kumamoto
2006 “Water Place in Duck Pond” Musashino Art University,Tokyo
2006 「ART Program OME, Changing by the next generation」 “Mon・Quijote”Ohume Tokyo
2007 「GWF in Akihabara」“Mon・Quijote in Akihabara” Akihabara,Tokyo
2007 「ZER0DATE 2007」 “(Shutter Guy)”Ohodate,Akita
2007 「The Bank of Japan basement safe exhibition KINKO」“PGT of GOLD”Nihonbashi,Tokyo
2008 「Meeting Amp Exhibition」“Doya Guy” Project space KANDADA,Tokyo
2008 “Shutter Guy in SATAKE” Satake shopping district,Tokyo
2008 「Hiroshima art project 2008」“Shutter Guy in IU”Hiroshima


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