Richard HART. Rieko MIYAGAWA
Japanese / English



Recently I’ve thought that a sense of loneliness or isolation, or even a fear of the body, may be stronger in butoh than the pure sense of the body. In this dance, we try a traditional pas de deux.

Richard HART
Born in the United States, and lived in Japan since 1981. Studied dance with Masaki Iwana.
Moved to Nagano in 1997 and began the Guren Dance Theater in 1998. Performed as a solo improvisational dancer since 2001. Overseas performances in Sweden (2000, 2003, 2006) and Korea (2008). Organized and performed in the music/dance/installation series “Swedish Contemporary Music in Japanese Environments” (2008). He is married to Rieko Miyagawa. The two performed a version of this dance in Korea in 2008.

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