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works photo title:[metaphor] Matsushiro 2008

Sigeru Nishina

My 2008 comment stated, “Stones from the mountain were selected, brought here, and lined up. I am hesitant about calling this a work of art. It is an act that serves no purpose.” Now, my actions “are not, even today, art (work). Ultimately, is it not that I making the choice to have it not become a work of art? That is to say, it might be that I am continuing to wonder if my artistic vision can support me, and there is the possibility that I am simply postponing the completion of my work of art. At the same time, I have begun to feel that there is a question greatly involved in the completion of the artwork – the question of the completion of the concept of “me” that is reflected in the mirror of the people forced to experience an “immense, life-or-death injustice” on this site.

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