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Photo by Tadasu YAMAMOTO


On the Small, Round Sculpture

I am trying to create a single centripetal mass sculpture, with stone material.
My body is always outside the stone; I stand facing the stone with my chisel perpendicular to it. The stone gives out, from its center, only that force equivalent to the force I have given it. When the force of my chisel is directed at the exact center of the stone, little by little the stone’s corners are removed and it becomes round.
By maintaining the complete equivalence between the chisel force I give and the stone’s reactive force, in the repetition of me pushing on the stone and the stone pushing back, the stone is sculpting itself.
I am always outside the mass.

On the Large, Spatial Sculpture

I am trying to create a spatial sculpture, with stone material.
Not facing the side of the stone, but facing towards this side, I am not sculpting the stone, but sculpting space.
As the stone, little by little, decreases in amount, the amount of space that it holds increases. The more I carve the stone, the larger my artwork becomes. I continue carving until at last I can almost feel the back side of the stone. At this time my chisel gradually lies on its side, and my force is transmitted horizontally across the surface of the stone. I creep around the surface of the stone.
I am held inside a large mass.

On the Bunbu Gakkou (School for the Literary and Military Arts) and My Sculptures

In the Bunbu Gakkou, there is vertical time linking the past to the present, and the horizontal space that exists in the present. By placing my sculptures in the tatami-floored room of this Bunbu Gakkou, vertical time and horizontal space are clearly visible in the eyes of those who are looking.

1956 Born in Nagano
1984 B.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
1986 M.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts

[ Solo Exhibitions ]

1986 Gallery Yo,Tokyo
1987 Tokiwa Gallery,Tokyo(89、91、94、96)
1989 Gallery Natuka,Tokyo(97)
1993 Nabisu Gallery,Tokyo
1996 Hino Gallery,Tokyo(99、01、04、06、07,08)
2003 Isumi Rural Museum of Art,Chiba
2006 Gallery Shilla, South Korea

[ Group Exhibitions ]
1993 Espace Ohara, Tokyo
1994 Yoyogi Art Gallery, Tokyo
1996 Nabisu Gallery, Tokyo
1999 Hualien County Cultural Center, Taiwan
2002 Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo, Sakura City Museum of Art,Chiba
2003 The 5th Exhibition of Amabiki, Ibaragi, Hiroshima metamorphosis Art experimental exhibition Project 2003, Hiroshima
2004 1st Chinese International Art Gallery Exhibition China , Beijing
2005 「sarayiar symposium」,Turkey, Gallery of Tokyo National University of fine Arts,Tokyo
2006 Gallery Seiho,Tokyo

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