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mcaf : 2008

Hitoshi KIMURA text

Photographs of the Matsushiro Daihonei and the Zozan underground shelter that appeared in the tokonoma alcove of the Matsushiro Bunbu Gakkou (School for the Literary and Military Arts). Nestled into a bowl shape at the front is a single wing from a folded paper crane. No figures surround it, and the cold wind of the underground shelter presses in. The shapes of the bowl and the wing are the shapes of the “Hane (Wing) Project”.

This expresses the Japanese’s people’s prayerful hearts entrusted to the bowl, and their plea for peace entrusted to the folded paper crane.
Although at a historic site, it is a collaborative work; collaboration between the underground shelter where still today a certain radiance of existence continues to glow, and the forms of prayers. Continuing from last year, the exhibition borrows the traditional Japanese form of the hanging scroll.

The forms of prayer deeply rooted in the Japanese soul. The shape of the bowl is the membrane separating the sacred from the profane, the real world from the dream world.
People move between these two worlds, between the past and the future, and they live now.
The wing is the form of a folded paper crane wing. From the imagination of a young girl, victim of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, grew this symbol of a plea for peace. This is one piece in the “Hane (Wing) Project” series, begun in 1999.

1948  Born in Fukuoka
1971 B.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
1973 M.F.A Tokyo National University of Fine Arts 
1986~1987 Ministry of Education Researcher(U.S.A.)
1975 Started solo exhibition at Ginza Gin Gallery in Tokyo and hold many exhibition inside and outside the country.
1999 Started 「HA-NE Project」 "the feather project" that made a feather of a folded-paper crane.
2002  Started M.C.A.F. Taking advantage of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Started Korea and Japanese performance with the Matsuyo Imperial Headquarters,
2004 Started M.C.A.F. in Matsushiro Bunbu Gakkou (School for the Literary and Military Arts). With Contemporary art workshop.
2005 Cooperative Participation of many Contemporary artists.
Professor of Shinshu University.

We would like to foster the budding social conscience in contemporary art, with open hearts.

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