Youichi KAYAMA
Japanese / English

works photo title:Red flower on passing day 2008

Youichi KAYAMA text

The scenery not minded usually so much, it burns into my memory at a certain moment.
That is the beauty of scenery, and also the glitter, sway of my heart (emotion).
I’m drawing as searching for the memory, my emotion going back to “that time” gradually.
Going into deeply inside of my own memory and emotion, I’m encompassed by the sense like pray gradually.

As I slowly digesting the scenery of “that time”, I restructure as mindscape.

1979 Born in Nagano
2004 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts
2004~2006 Worked at the Nagano Prefecture lyceum.
2006~2009 Worked at the Nagano Prefecture Shinano Art Museum Higashiyama Kaii gallery
2009~   Worked at the Nagano Prefecture lyceum.

(Solo Exhibitions)

2004 galeria CERO, Osaka
2005 galeria CERO, Osaka
2006 galeria Omotesandou, Nagano
2007 gallery your style, Free Cloud, Nagano
2008 gallery your style, Free Cloud, Nagano
galeria CERO, Osaka
2009 MOONSTRUK PRODUCTIONS presents, Gallery at the HYATT 62nd Exhibition
HYATT REGENCY OSAKA lobby & Lexus Senboku, Osaka

 (Group Exhibitions)

2000 “ninjin” / Nara
2003 “ninjin” / Nara
  “6STRINGS”/ galeria CERO, Osaka
   “Boiled fish paste board” / galeria CERO, Osaka
2005  genten “Shinshu branch exhibition” / Matsumoto City Museum, Nagano
2006  genten “Tokyo branch exhibition”/Sudou Museum, GINZA
    “unigulavas short piece exhibition”/ gallery unigulavas, Ginza
    “NEW FINE ART LAB” /Gallery Plaza Nagano, NAGANO
     genten “Shinshu branch exhibition” / Komoro Plateau Museum, Nagano
2007   genten “Tokyo branch exhibition”/Sudou Museum, GINZA
   “NEW FINE ART LAB”/ Gallery 82, Nagano
2008  genten “Tokyo branch exhibition”/ Takegawa Art Gallery, GINZA
“N-ART”/ Galeria Omotesandou
    “gallerism 2008”/Osaka Conemporary Art Center, Osaka
 genten “Shinshu branch exhibition”/ Matsumoto City Museum, Nagano
  genten “Tokyo branch exhibition”/ Tokyo Metoropolitan Art Museum,Tokyo


2004 Setsuryosya-museum Firenze Awards Exhibition〈a prize〉
2005 The 61st " genten "〈the young master prize〉
2006~2008  The 62nd~the 64th" genten "〈a prize〉

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