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Moving sculpture

HONG,O-Bong text

My performance action will unfold in installed spandex on the ground. This performance aims to show how a sculptural object can move and breathe like living life, not a fixed object. This is the meaning and direction of my performance. I hope my moving sculpture performance action will inspire the creative imagination of the audience.

2003 / Blirrr the 3rd Biennale of performance art.(Art center-Telaviv, ISRAEL)
2003 / Brain Academy Apartment.(Art center-Venezia, ITALIA)
2001 / N.Y. Japan society performance festival. (Japan socierty art center-New york, U.S.A.)
2001 / IPFO-performance art festival.(Art center-Odense, DENMARK)
2000 / Mannhaim performance conference. (Mannhaim art center-Mannhaim, GERMANY)

(Present: Lecturer at Chungbuk University, Director of BIPAF & KIPAF, Member of Korea Art Association)


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