Japanese / English

Open performance Theme: Wave Duration: 12 minutes


If youTel me to leave, I shall regarless of any fear.
If you say don't leave I shall never leave...
Ahhh ha ha aah aahhh~~~~.
There the wind, its coming, its blowing.
Some body someby somebody's leaving me behind.
Even dealth will take you away from my memory.
Forever I shall sing the wave.
IF you said so I will defiantly sing forvever.
If you ask me to swear, I will swear and keep it.
Ahhhh ha ha ahhh ahhahhh~~~.
Theres the wind, its coming, its blowing towards me.
Somebody somebody somebody’s leaving me behind.
Even death will take you away from my memory.
Forever I shall sing the wave.

Graduated Young Nam Arts university, held a bachelor in sculpture arts
Graduuated Young Nam Arts in Masters in Art

Solo Exhibition:
1995 Hwan Hoon Gallery ,Seoul
1996 Dae woo Art gallery , Daegu
1997 S Gallery ,Daegu
1998 1999 Song ah darg Gallery
2000 Doo sun Gallery, Daegu
2002 Daegu Art expo, Daegu
2007 Dong Kyung Art expo, Dong Kyung during
2008 KFS Arts central centre, Sydney

ACHIEVED 300 Open incorporate performance at Major Art galleries in Hyun, Sinla, Daegu also was invited to perfrom at Daegu Arts centre, as well performed at Koo rung state art festival. Lastly performed at Arts village.
ACHIEVED 200 Team performance : same as above

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