Yasuhiro SUMII
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Yasuhiro SUMII

I feel that an object of faith becomes science and economy in the modern society.
However, I think there whether there are a few things learning dignity of material life and natural greatness, and there is not right weakness of the modern society in there.
Society goes away from a human being as an animal, a human being as life so as to evolve.
I think that I can regain the inception sense that a person should originally have by the metal which melted by fire again and produce it.
photograph title "CORE"

1968 Born in Kanazawa Prefecture, Japan
1983 B.F.A. Kanazawa College of Art
1995 Tenri Biennale

Selected Exhibition:
2000,2002 Kobayashi art gallery,Tokyo
2003 Gallery Fukashi, Matumoto
2004,2006 Gallery Kawafune,Tokyo
2007 Gallery 82,Nagano
2008 Art of Kanazawa Sity Folk Handicraft Village
It dissolves and throws aluminum into a mold of the earth


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