Teruyuki TANAKA
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Teruyuki TANAKA

Instinct and faith exist only in the number of lives. I was mutually influenced, innately, ethically, economically, and historically, by what could be called the justice of each of those individuals, and created the dynamism of time (the present). In this, I want to be a learning fool, a speaking fool, an accepting fool.
I began expressive activity in 1994.
Main activities include the following (and many others):
1998: 5th NIPAF
2002: Anti-war (Hong Kong Culture Center, Hong Kong)
2003: Sculpture and Performance Evening (Oita Art Space)
2004: GARBAGE UQUARIUM (Galapagos Art Space/New York)
2007: Asia Topia 9 (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
2008: Global Warming, Global Warming!! (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
others, a majority.

I believe my Mistake life

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