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Metaphor : 2006~,Stone,Water, Arbitrary space.


There is only space for two trees, a disgusting history and a plant raised afterwards from a seed that I resemble.
It is the third year.
When I find a stone from a mountain, I can line up in this place.
I feel embarrassed even to say art work.
I continue an act with no purpose whatsoever.
But, I think.
What kind of Korean, here, doing an act without purpose, would actually stake its life on it?

1955 Born in Nagano

Selected Exhibition
1990 "The Game Of Manners" Mito Art Museum
1992 "Encountering The Others," Kassel/Germany
2001 International Art Symposium and Exhibition, Kong-jyu Korea
2001 Gallery Fukashi,Nagano
2002 Sculptors of Eastern Japan, Tokyo Station Gallery
2003 Peat Nederand


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