Liberty Hall
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Liberty Hall

Title: Eugene Ionesco, "The Lesson" (1951); time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Director: Sonoe TANAKA

Plot:"The Lesson" has three characters, an old professor, a maid, and a female student. When the student visits the professor, a strange personal lesson begins. Things go off in an odd direction, heading toward an unexpected climax. A comedy filled with grotesque laughter.

Formed in September 2007. Staged Ionesco's "The Lesson" in March 2008. This performance was well-received and will be presented again in July and at the 7th Matsushiro Contemporary Art Festival. New works (original works) are scheduled for November 2008 and March 2009.
Liberty Hall's performances center on "straight play" searching for the art possessed by the actor (human body) as such. With the aim of making it possible for "existence itself to become art" the group's work is based on the concept that "high quality is the mark of the greatest entertainment."

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