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"Ground repeated cultivation No 3 peculiar with peculiar time"
A white wall appears repeatedly in the world opposed repeatedly, 2008
Obstacle materials, ancient book, rock, Arbitrary space.


concept :
I regard my expression as “poetry” which is born out of the relationship of body, spirit, and material in art. This rejects standing on the side of death and protects “life,” and gives courage to those who experience it. Something which turns all wounds toward recovery from illness. It is art that touches the speaking person for whom it is hard to talk.
“A magnified theory of sculpture.”

1949 Born in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Active from 1971.
Likening a deserted house and the inner secrets of an old family to “the interior of the heart,” after 1994, presented the series “Going around ‘Hills’” which transforms this into an art space.
From 2003, the series “Landscape of an Assassin” based on a land feud, and the “Serge Pey Ode Series No. 1~18,” as an arrangement of my own internal world. In 2006, a preliminary essay for rebuilding the memory of the land, “A Peculiar Time, A Peculiar Thing,” and “A Historical Folk Tale of China (There You Are and Do It),” relating the vestiges of conflict.
In 2007, a new interpretation, “A Braggart’s Tale,” about the local world of art and an opinion on death, “An Urn for the Dead.” In August, “Planting Space,” a reading of the circumstances of agriculture in the post-war suburbs from the arrangement of trees left in a residential area.

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