Kaori HABA
Japanese / English

photographed by Boris Nieslony

Kaori HABA

Born in Hokkaido in 1959, started performance art in 1999, performed in home and abroad.
Director of Art_plus-jp, non-profit activity group which promotes contemporary art projects,it's based in Nagano prefecture.
It organizes Art_Plus-jp Performance Art Project inviting artists from overseas annually.

2003 "Transmitter (memory of Asia)" INTERAKCJE '03 / Poland, KIPAF / Korea
2004 "A path of transmitter" KIPAF and so on / Korea, Taiwan-Asia Performance Art Meeting / Taiwan
2005 "Foreign object (borders in mind)" Site-specific "Aktion" in Yokohama, ASIATOPIA / Bangkok / Thailand
2006 The 14th Performance Art conference / Dalat / Vietnam
2007 "Dear children in 1945" Die Kunst der "Begegnung" / Cologne and so on / Germany


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