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Performance art work`s title: china bird(hope)
Concept: shall try to perform the act of the bird with the concept of it, purifying the demolished spirit of a human being as well as our polluted environment or breaked city`s building because of strong earthquake in china and the message of my performance should be delivered to the audience like this; if the bird(hope) dies, and we shall die, or if the bird(hope) lives, we will live, too.
Performance material: red color`s lip stick. Shaving cream, small candle, music CD etc.

M.F.A. Graduated from Hongik University, Seoul-city
Title of thesis: A study on the various artistic characteristics of performance art
Present: Lecturer at Chungbuk National University, Director of BlPAF.(Member of Korea Art Association)

2003/ Taipei international performance art festival(Taipei art center-Taipei, TAIWAN)
2003/ Israel international performance art festival(Telaviv) art center-Telaviv, ISRAEL)
2002/ Philippine international performance art festival(Donada gallery-Manila, PHILIPPINE)
2001/ Japan society aisa oerformance art festival(Japan society art center-New York, U.S.A.)
2001/ Denmark international performance festival(Odense art center-Odense,DENMARK)
2001/ Ireland international performance art festival(Dublin art center-Dublin, IRELAND)
2001/ Asian performance art-june 4 movement(Chater park-Hongkong, HONGKONG)
2001/ Asian performance art-june 4 movement(St. Domingo park-Macau, MACAU)
2000/ Mannhaim performance conference(Mannhaim art center-Mannhaim, GERMANY)
2000/ `In the centre of the eye of art' exhibition(Gallery of action-Warszawa, POLAND)
2000/ Performance-Tage 2000(Seedamm art center-Pfaffikon, SWITZERLAND)
1999/ International multimedia exhibition(Man gallery-Odzaci, YUGOSLAVIA)
1998/ Jaxpa`98-Asiatopia(Saranrom event hall-Bangkok, THAILAND)
1998/ The 3rd asia performance art festival(Event hall-Tokyo, Nagoya, Nnagano, JAPAN)
1998/ 20_20 International small pictures festival(Fony art center-Budapest, HUNGARY)
1997/ Art performance conference bangkok(Marsi gallery-Bangkok, THAILAND)
1997/ 'Castle of imagination' performance festival(West kashubian museum-Bytow, POLAND)
1997/ Medium 4' international exhibitio(St.george art center-St.George, ROMANIA)
1996/ Performance and multimedia. (Quebec art center-Quebec, CANADA)
1996/ 'Europ' art. (Geneva art center-Geneva, SWITZERLAND)
1995/ Budapest art expo. (Budapest art center-Budapest, HUNGARY)
1995/ Jutempus international performance art festival. (Art center-Vilnius, LITHUANIA)
1994/ 'Trench art' international performance festival. (St.ann lake-St.George, ROMANIA)
1993/ Real time_story telling `93. (Lavirynt gallery-Lublin, POLAND)
1993/ Nagano performance festival(Nagano prefectural culture hall-Nagano, JAPAN)
1993/ 'From jangan gate to chonan gate' art exhibition.(China museum-Beijing, CHINA)
1989/ 'Yatoo' hamburg exhibition. (Hamburg college museum-Hamburg, GERMANY)


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