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HA-NE Project 2008 Hitoshi KIMURA / Matsushiro-Daihonei・Zozan-Chikago(Nagano City)

Hitoshi KIMURA

HA-NE project / Hitoshi Kimura

The Wings in this project (HA-NE project) refer to those of a paper crane, the most popular and loved pattern of origami, the art of paper folding, in Japan. As you may know, the paper crane is deeply embedded in Japanese culture, not just as the art of paper folding but as a means of expressing love as well. People such as children and the socially vulnerable sometimes fold paper cranes to pray for world peace or to protest against war. They display hundreds of thousands of paper cranes at places which they care deeply about. This installation of semba-zuru, or thousand paper cranes, has taken root among Japanese as a custom of offering prayers. The history of origami paper crane folding dates back to the Edo Period, but the paper crane has become a symbol of prayers through the story of Sadako Sasaki, a Japanese girl who suffered from an incurable disease as a result of radiation from the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II. Sadako was an energetic child who liked sports, but one day several years after being exposed to radiation, she suddenly developed A-bomb disease. With her white blood cells decreasing, she became weaker and weaker, but she kept folding paper cranes, believing that if she could fold a thousand she would recover from the illness. However, despite encouragement from the people around her, she died soon after reaching her goal.
I use the wings of a paper crane in the Wings Project (HA-NE project) in order to draw public attention to this historical fact and have people recognize anew the importance of peace and the horror of the atomic bomb.

1948 Born in Fukuoka,JAPAN

2004 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.3 (Nagano)
2003 Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2003
2002 Gallery Monn (Nagano)
2002 Kura-Shi Kan Museum (Nagano)
2000 Tatuno Museum(Nagano)
1999 Heiando Gallery(Nagano)
1998 Cyouhu Gallery (Tokyo)
1996 CyouhuGallery (Tokyo)
1995 Yu-Art Station (Nagano)
1994 Cyouhu Gallery (Tokyo)
1993 Cyouhu Gallery(Tokyo)
1992 Runami Gallery (Tokyo)
1991 RunamiGallery (Tokyo)
1990 Kaneko-Art Gallery(Tokyo)
1987 Extension Gallery (Mercerville,U.S.A.)
1983 Muramatu Gallery (Tokyo)
1981 Gallery U (Tokyo)
1975 Ginn Gallery(Tokyo)

-Group Exhibition-
2007 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.6(Nagano)
2006 (Memory-Art)-Contemporary artscene(II), Koumi-Machi kougen museum of art (Nagano)
2006 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.5(Nagano)
2006 KIPAF2005 (Korea International Performance ArtFestival), (gimcheon,Korea)
2005 Matushiro Contemporary Art Festival Vol.4 (Nagano)
1998 Artist inResident in the International Ceramics Studio Exhibition, (Tolgyfa Galeria,Budapest,Hungary)
1998 International Invitational Exhibition at GroundsFor Sculpture, (Third International Conference onContemporary Cast Iron Art,Hamilton,NJ)
1997 Gumyou-ji Project(Nagano)
1996 Contemporary Art of Central Europe and Japan(Tokyo
1995 The Origin of Life Exhibition (Nagano)
1994 Pusan-Nagano Korea-Japan International Contemporary ArtExchange, Exhibition (Pusan)
1990 Group '90Exhibition (Fukuoka City Museum)

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