Abnormal system
Japanese / English

Clover No.1, 2008, Video installation

Abnormal system

The G8 summit will be held from July 7th to the 9th this year in Hokkaido, Japan. It is called Toyako summit. An important agenda of the conference is environmental problems.
The Japanese Government proposes "Cool Earth Promotion Plan" as the chair of the conference.
The problems which have been imposed on us are the ozone hole and global warming, etc. Those problems are explained to be possible to solve, and various approaches are proposed.
We cannot judge whether the explanation is correct, because it is too advanced for us.
Not only about environmental problems but also we have trusted what the specialists says."To solve this problem, we do not have so much time left.However, this problem can still be solved.
It might be too late to solve this problem in reality.We won't be able to judge it.
We might not be able to even realize ourselves the fact that we can't judge whether it's too late to solve our problems or not.

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